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2016 Jolie Laide Trousseau Gris

With a label adorned with portraiture artwork from London artist Alma Haser’s “I Always Have To Repeat Myself” collection, this wine characteristically expresses itself in a similar fashion. Was this done purposely to coincide with the expressiveness, deep tangerine hue and bright, yet earthy character of this wine? Never fading, and repeating the elegant, yet bold character as it opens.

The beauty of this wine ripples through the glass, whilst its aromatics dance, teasing to taste. Bright tangerine and peaches dance out of the glass, with earthy sweet hay, giving way to a smooth, yet full-bodied experience that’s difficult to pinpoint as the subtle, yet present tannins make their way around the palate. Extracted color from the gorgeous skin of this grape make experiencing this wine irresistible.

Also known as “Gray Riesling”, the rarity in California of Trousseau Gris is limited to the Fanucchi-Wood Road Vineyard. Typically a varietal from Eastern France, where Alsace and Champagne regions lay claim, this California version finds its home comfort in the coolness of the Russian River Valley.

I was turned on to this beauty from the expertly curated wine room and fine folks at “Cured” in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. I’ve shared it with and introduced it to friends, co-workers and anyone willing to listen to me rant about how much I enjoy it. I simply cannot get enough of this wine! More information at: Jolie-Laide

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